New Years Eve

This New Years Eve in Shoreditch is going to be out of this world, in more ways than one!

2016 has been a strange old year, so you can’t blame us for wanting to peer into the future and what 2017 may hold so we are encouraging you to channel your inner geek and join us on 1 Big Night Out’s Pub Crawl of Futures Past!

This will be a look into what the future of what partying holds, with glow sticks, silver eyeliner and light up sneakers – pub crawling like its 2099!

With the release of Rogue One, we are expecting Star Troopers, Wookies and maybe even Princess Leia to join this out of the world Pub Crawl

Don’t panic if you are not a fan of the dark side or don’t know your R2D2’s from your C3PO’s as this SCI FI party wouldn’t be complete without you!

Come as your best Captain Kirk, alien being or even Mulder/Scully of X-Files fame, just be wary if you are thinking of coming as a Dalek as they are terrible party poopers! Exterminate!

We will be hitting the Shoreditch Drinking Universe with a vengeance, hitting 4 interstellar party establishments, drinking all sorts of concoctions served in them while swapping stories and dance moves passed on through generations of space party people

The party won’t stop and we will wind our way to our final destination, Zigfrid Von Underbelly joining the other Space Cadets who survived the night.

Here we will say goodbye to the parallel universe that has been 2016 and welcome in the new star date of 2017 in style, with free champagne, world renowned party choons and discounted drinks all night long.

1 Big Night Out’s New Year’s Eve pub crawl is always a sell out so you are guaranteed a great night with great people, with free shots, queue jump entry and discounted drinks all night this is the only way to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 in Shoreditch, indeed London… in fact the whole universe!

The best New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl in the Galaxy, don’t miss out!