Ooompah, Ooompah, Ooompah! 1 Big Night Out are bringing an early slice of Bavaria to Shoreditch this Bank Holiday weekend withe the Oktoberfest Warm-Up Pub Crawl

In conjunction with Stoke Travel we are warming up for their MASSIVE Oktoberfest tours by pub crawling around Shoreditch, celebrating all that is great about the Beer Festival!

Starting at a traditional Bavarian Beer Hall, with your first pint of German beer included, there will be Oompah bands, ladies adorned in Dirndls, lads in Lederhosen and more beer than you can shake your Bratwurst at!

Once all of the beer has been drunk and rowdy German songs sung we head on out into the wilds of Shoreditch, hitting up four more bars, with free shots in each as well as cheap drinks, before ending this epic crawl at a late night pool party!

All that’s left to say is Prost!

Oh and get your tickets on the right hand side!