By Henry Boles for Stoke Travel for 1 Big Night Out

Stokemon, gotta catch ‘em all.

The American Exchange Student
With a smiling face, these ‘Mericans will confidently tell you all about the art history course they’re studying for a semester in Prague. While they are sometimes a little shocked by campsite antics at first, say when someone emerges from a tent in a seamen-stained lobster outfit, it’s never long before they cave-in to their own lust for freedom and wind up running naked through the bar – voluntarily or otherwise.


Non-English Fluent Foreigner
Having found Stoke Travel through a mis-spelled Google search or an outdated flyer from 2008, these characters might seem a little meek and mild at first but battle through the language barrier and you’ll be rewarded with exotic stories from places you didn’t even know existed.


Group of Mediterranean

English Lads
Combined by a love of football and out-doing one anothers drunken insanity, these boys are a united front, having bonded over some dubious locker room towel slapping. Expect to see them breaking it down on the dance floor with their self fashioned range of dance moves that defy both death and gravity.


Loaded Australian Miner
Forever generous, it’s rare to catch these guys wearing a bad attitude. Having spent 3 months in the dark and damp underground of the Australian wilderness, you’ll be more likely to see them waltzing around in pink leopard print pants and a sombrero made from daisies. Prepare yourself, they’re here to get weird.


Eccentric Middle Aged Man
When the guy in a camouflage onesie he tells you that the only thing he loves more than guns and DJ’ing is their mothers home baked apple pie, don’t be alarmed, you’ve just caught yourself a societal fringe dweller. Having just returned from a 10 year stint in India where they studied the art of pottery in an ashram, you can bet he’s always ready to catch whatever life might throw at him.


Self-Journeying Mermaid Moonbeam Sister
As Global Hobo writer Wade Gravy writes,

[Mermaid Moonbeam Sisters] are defined by their culturally-ignorant bindis, floppy felt hats and consistent proclamations that, because they like travel and the beach, they are gyspsies and mermaids respectively. Ignoring that essentially everybody on earth enjoys temporarily relocating themselves for leisure and fart-arsing about by the seaside, and that “gypsy” is a racial slur reserved for Europe’s oppressed Romani population”.


Unsuspectingly Talented Shy-Guy
They don’t say a lot but hand this guy a ukulele and a cowbell and hear his rendition of Mozart’s 5th symphony and you’ll be the one left speechless.


Perpetually Wasted Youth on a Gap Year
Typically hailing from Australia or New Zealand, these kids are looking to shake the middle class hangover by way of inducing another kind. Wild, open-minded and ready to get out of London, ready yourself for the best of the worst.


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