Pub Crawl Ljubljana, the most fun nightlife experience on the sunny side of the Alps

Pub crawls have been around for a while now, enabling people from all over the world to meet fellow travelers who they can share a drink with and dancing until the sun starts rising. Usually the travelers who attend the pub crawl have a crazy story or two to share, making every pub crawl sure to be fresh and attractive, especially for people who are fond of meeting other tourists and making new friends. Even though Ljubljana is quite small for a capital city, it’s not hard to get lost if you’re a tourist, which can be extra annoying in winter, when the days are shorter and the daylight is gone faster-that is why joining a bar hopping experience is the way to go.The locals are also always glad to help you out! Most Slovenians speak english quite fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask for directions! The meeting point for bar crawl is Mala ulica 5, where we stay for at least an hour, making sure everyone finds us and gets a warm welcome. We’re going to take you to five best nightlife hotspots for the night, where everyone from Ljubljana usually hangs out.

The party guides will hand you shots, invite you to participate in drinking games and compete in crazy pub crawl challenges- winners and bravest drinkers will get prizes in the form of alcohol! Most of the places to be visited also have special cocktail deals and special discounts, giving Ljubljana nightlife even more of a reason to be visited, and Pub Crawl Ljubljana to be joined!