Clues Last Night Was 1Big Night Out

5 Point Check List From a Good Night

Have You Ever Hit All 5?

1. Your 1 Big Night Out Shirt
If you’ve done your 1 Big Night Out properly and lived it to the fullest, you’ll wake up still wearing your pub crawl shirt. This is a time honoured tradition and rite of passage for Londoners and tourists alike. Just waking up in your shirt isn’t enough, it must be absolutely covered in random names and #’s as well as graffitied with the kinds of things you hope your mother will never see.

2. The Ridiculous Receipt in Your Back Pocket
This can come from any number of places, pizza joint, kebab shop, Burger King or McDonald’s, but the most important factor is that the total is more than any single person should ever spend on fast food at one time. Chalk this up to drunken munchies and “it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.”

3. Your Newest Phone Contacts Have Physical Features for Surnames
We’ve all done this one, you’ve had a few drinks, you’re getting someones number, and you save them in your phone as Suzie “HottestSwedeEver” or Francesco “GeorgeousItalian.” If you had their surname you’d have forgotten them and their contact info in your phone before your next drink, but with contact names like “HottestSwedeEver” and “GeorgeousItalian” they’re sure to be getting some texts the following day.

4. You have 10 new Facebook Friend Requests
These are all from people you met the night before and while you may not remember them quite so well this morning, you know you had an amazing time last night. You’ve usually made plans with these people to: A) Travel the World B) Take over the World C) Meet up again tonight for 1 Big Night Out.

5. You Flatmates/Hostel Mates are Laughing at You
You’ll be making your way to the bathroom while everyone stops, stares, and laughs. At first you think they’re just laughing because you look so rough, but as soon as you look in the mirror you’ll realize it’s you new Ron Burgundy moustache someone’s drawn on you with marker pen. Could be those Elvis Presley sideburns that seems so funny on the pub crawl last night. Or maybe, and this is our favourite, the always sexy unibrow, guaranteed to attract only the finest of the opposite sex.


6. Your Wristband!
Nothing better than waking up with all of the above boxes ticked and looking down at your wrist and realizing that if you bring your wristband back tonight you can do it all again with 1 Big Night Out for only £5!!!