Although London doesn’t compare with our spectacular beaches and all round good weather, it does make up for it in many other ways! After spending two months discovering, working and partying in London I have come up with a list of 12 things that London does better than Sydney.

1- Social drinks at the pub with co-workers

One of my favorite things about being in London is the brilliant pub culture! No matter what time of day, morning, noon or evening, there will always be someone having a cheeky pint or two. As soon as the clock ticks over to the afternoon nearly every pub you pass by will be overflowing with people. The vibes are great – everyone looks so happy and relaxed as they enjoy a cold refreshing bevvy after a hard day’s work. I personally couldn’t think of anything better! It’s truly the best way to end the day and a great way to socialize with your colleagues and friends!Social drinks at the pub

2- Street Art

I have always been a sucker for street art and London has been far from disappointing! Hands down some of the best street art I have ever seen and the best thing is that you don’t have to look hard to find it! A place to note is definitely Shoreditch – you can spend hours on end roaming around and discovering and taking in some of the best talent from around the world. Not only are you mesmerized by what each artist creates, but you really appreciate the risk they have taken to get their artwork out around the city! TIP: Take a street art tour with Alternative London – it was fantastic
Street art

3- Markets

No matter what day of the week or where you are in London, there will always be some sort of market nearby. The variety and range at the markets is fantastic -you can buy anything from fresh produce to clothes, modern art and antiques! Whether it’s one of the more well-known markets or a little one you stumble across by chance, there is always something new to find! Check out a list of London’s best markets here

[ ] My top 5 personal favourites and recommendations are Camden, Spitalfields, Borough, Portobello Road and the Columbia Road Flower Markets! Paddy’s Market in Sydney can’t even compare with these ones.

4- Pub Crawls

Last but definitely not least London dominates the Pub-crawl/ nightlife scene! Londoners certainly know how to party – I have not had a single disappointing night out here. The craziest, messiest and most unforgettable nights I have had are with 1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl! You would be absolutely insane to turn down a night where you get to party with people from all over the world, get 5 free shots, drink discounts all night, a free T-shirt & pen, Glow sticks and most importantly be led around a selection of the best bars in central London or Shoreditch by the most phenomenal night life tour guides in London!
Pub Crawls

5- Parks

London is home to some of the most beautiful and spacious parks in Europe. Whether you’re sunbaking during the summer, having a relaxing and boozy picnic with friends, burning some calories or just enjoying some fresh air, there is always a park nearby. Apart from being a free attraction one of the best things about the parks in London is that there is always something going on. Whether it be sports events, open- air theatres or concerts and festivals you are guaranteed to have a superb day and the atmosphere is never dull!

6- The constant flow of international music artists

London is never boring – there is always something exciting going on! In particular there is an endless flow of top international artists, DJs and Bands performing in all different spaces including clubs, parks and festivals. If only it was as easy in Sydney as paying a cover charge to a club to see some of the best and upcoming artists perform! Londoners literally pay a fraction of the price of what we do at home! The Music scene is like a whole new world compared to Sydney!!
The constant flow of international music artists

7- Being able to drink in public and purchase liquor from grocery stores

This one is all about the convenience and easy access to alcohol. I still find it so absurd but AMAZING that you can buy grog from supermarkets, corner stores and petrol stations. Call me lazy but it is such a hassle back at home not being able to do your grocery and liquor shopping together! As well as this something that I have really enjoyed is the freedom of being able to drink in public! I can’t even imagine cracking open a drink as you wander around the city, parks or beaches in Sydney! There is too much fear and likeliness of getting caught and copping a heavy fine!
Being able to drink in public

8- Close to Europe

The beauty of living in England is that it is right next to Europe and travelling around is cheap and easy! Australia is in the middle of nowhere and travelling to different counties is very time consuming and expensive! You can really make the most of your time here by taking day and weekend trips around the UK and Europe. Fact: did you know it is faster to drive from London to Paris than it is to drive from Sydney to Melbourne!
Close to Europe

9- History

Sydney is a relatively young city, whereas London is rich in history, and I love walking round the city exploring. There are so many beautiful old houses, palaces and galleries. The oldest residential building in Sydney, Cadman’s Cottage, only dates back to 1816, so walking round London and seeing things like bits of the old walls that date back to the Romans is really amazing.

10- Café Society

London has an abundance of tiny little cafes all over the place! Wherever you go you are bound to find the most gorgeous little places filled with dozens of pastries and sweet goodies in their windows! There are definitely nice cafes in Sydney but it is rare that you can stumble across one on every corner! Check out the 25 unmissable coffee shops in London [ }
Café society

11- Theatre

London is famous for its theatre, and while I haven’t got to see as much as I would like to, I love walking down Leicester Square and round the West End, There are plays and musicals on for every taste and every age from The Book of Mormon to Matilda, to serious Shakespearean productions at the Globe. You could go to a different show every night for months, if you could afford it! Sydney has a fairly good arts and dramatic scene, but we definitely don’t have the range on offer that London does.
12- The Tube

I don’t know about the rest of Australia but Sydney’s Public transport is shocking!! Although a little pricy the tube is excellent! It is clearly mapped out and very easy to use – it gets you all around London in a limited amount of time. A personal favorite part of the experience is hearing the world famous quote ‘please mind the gap between the train and the platform’ – it really makes it sink in that you’re in LONDON!!
The tube