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The term “pint” is used very loosely here. Made by the Auld Dubliner Irish Pub in Tustin,

California, this glass is 8 feet tall, weighs 900 pounds and is filled with 430 gallons (2,772
pounds) of beer


picture 2


The inspiration for this post, the world’s largest Mojito was created in Lake Pusiano, Italy. It took 75 minutes to mix this 344 gallon drink.

Cup of Coffee

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Drink all of this, and you’re sure to stay awake for the next, oh, I don’t know, 15 years before experiencing the worst caffeine crash of your life. Made in Las Vegas, Nevada, this cup is 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It holds 2010 gallons of coffee, which is enough to fill 32,160 cups.
Sweet Tea

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Chick-Fil-A also holds the record for the world’s largest Styrofoam cup of lemonade. This massive sweet tea (aka my personal holy grail of summertime drinks) was filled in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They used 72 pounds of tea leaves, 1,150 pounds of sugar, one ton of ice and 912 gallons of water.

Bottle of Whiskey

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The world’s largest bottle of whiskey was created by the Tomintoul Distillery in Banffshire, UK. It stands at about 5 feet tall, weighs 164 kg, and holds 28 gallons of their signature drink. That’s enough to fill 150 regular sized bottles.

Champagne Flute

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Italy also holds the record for the World’s Largest flute of champagne. The glass earned Guinness record status in the city of Rome. It is almost 7 feet tall and holds 48 gallons of champagne.

Mug of Hot Chocolate

picture 7

The World’s Largest cup of hot chocolate weighed 4180 pounds, held 487 gallons of hot chocolate (8,000 cups worth, excluding the marshmallows) and was kept at a toasty 120 degrees.

Glass of Ice Wine

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is the home of the world record breaking glass of ice wine (is ice wine a thing up there?). The glass stood 4 feet tall and held 27 liters of the chilled drink.

Glass of Regular Wine

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Beirut, Lebanon takes the cake for largest glass of normal wine. This glass, which measured at 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, held over 100 bottles worth of red, white and rose wine.

Bottle of Wine

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The award for the largest (and most aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion) bottle of wine goes to a team of engineers and enthusiasts in Shenyang, China. This bottle is 15 feet tall and holds 489 gallons of red wine.

Glass of orange juice

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Oddly enough, the worlds largest glass of 100% pure Florida orange juice can be found in Portland, Oregon. It is 8 feet tall and holds 611 gallons of juice, kept at a constant temperature of 35 degrees.

Pink Margarita

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Too big to present to the Guinness World Record reps in a custom made margarita glass, the winners of the award for largest pink margarita turned to a giant steel tank instead. Mixed in Las Vegas, the 7,039 gallon frosty drink can fill 81,355 glasses. It is 14 feet tall, 10 feet wide and consists of 1,215 gallons of tequila, 5,000 gallons of water, 750 quarts of lime juice, 750 gallons of La Paz Sweet and Sour, 396 gallons of triple sec and 20 pounds of salt.

Bowl of Punch

picture 13















This one gets massive points for creativity. Ever wish you could float across a giant pool of cranberry punch, like a boozed-up version of Willy Wonka? Go visit The Architechtural Punchbowl. Located in London, UK, it is a giant room filled with 1,056 gallons of punch (that’s about 25,000 glasses). Visitors are offered the opportunity to enjoy a glass of punch while floating on top of said punch.

Botte of Grappa

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The folks at Distilleria Bottega in Veneto, Italy decided to create the world’s largest bottle of prosecco grappa. Measured at 6 feet, this bottle contains 36 liters of the stuff.


picture 15















Also found in Italy is the world’s largest spritzer. It holds approximately 126.7 gallons of the drink.

Soda/Ice Cream float

picture 16


















For those of with a huge sweet tooth, this is the world’s largest ice-cream float. Sponsored by Coca-Cola for the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia (didn’t know that existed until now), this float consists of about 3,000 gallons of fizzy, ice-creamy goodness.

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